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profileMy name is Andrew Tracey, that’s me on the left there enjoying some tea.  This is my second language-learning site that I’ve started, the other one is How to Learn Spanish that’s been up for a number of years now (5, maybe?).  I’ve been learning languages on and off since I was 12, struggled with it for about a decade until I got the hang of it, and now I help other people learn them through my websites and books (well, it’s just the one book right now, but more are eventually on the way).

I taught myself Spanish to fluency and have now decided to start on German.  I did not plan on doing German next, I planned on doing French…

What happened is that I’ve been taking a lot of courses on Coursera, a very popular website offering university-level courses for free (yes, entirely for free, all of them are for free) and they have been just fantastic, I’ve been supremely impressed and highly recommend you check them out and see if there’s anything you’d like to take (if you hate math and would like to fix that, see Keith Devlin’s Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, I’ve taken it twice now).  A couple months ago (It’s January 4th, 2015, so this would’ve been around late October last year) I came across a course called ‘Auf Deutsch: Communicating in German Across Cultures’ and it looked so good – coupled with the fact that there were no French courses being offered – that I decided to sign up for it, learn German as my next language, and start a website on it as is my M.O.  In preparation for the course, which was due to start in late December at the time, I started learning German from books, various online sources, and via my ‘Telenovela Method’ where I use popular media in the language I’m learning to teach myself.

Regrettably, the course has since (as of this writing) been postponed indefinitely (the start date is just given as “To Be Announced”) however by the time that happened I was already a month and a half deep into German, had purchased the domain and set up WordPress, and in other words just pretty well invested myself into the language…so here we are…German it is then!  Hah.

I’ll just be doing what I did over on my Spanish site where I share whatever tips, tricks, and resources I pick up on my journey through learning the German language.  I just figured the iTalki Challenge thing would be a good way to get kick-started in the German language and quickly create a solid foundation to work from.

I actually think I’ll go write my first post right now and make it about my favorite online German dictionary (best I’ve found so far) since that’s a pretty important tool you need right away, hope you’ll check it out…

Oh, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions using the contact form.  I really hope you find my site useful and that it helps you learn German or whatever language you’re interested in.



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