andrew tracey german with andrew telenovela method tracey languagesHi, I’m Andrew Tracey, und ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch (“and I speak a little German”).  No, I’m not “fluent” by most people’s standards of that word, I’m probably around B1 level per the CEFR scale for those of you familiar with that (that means I can have basic conversations about most things but struggle with media like TV shows and movies).  I’m still very much in the process of learning German myself!  I’m a student, just like you.  So why am I running a blog on learning German?

Because I think it’s much more interesting for you to follow along with a fellow student while they’re learning the language than it is to have them report back after they’ve “finished” (which you never really do), that is after they’ve become fairly fluent.  I think you’ll learn a lot more that way, in that I will relate all the little problems I stumble upon as I go, along with my solutions to them, many of which I likely will have forgotten about months or years later when I achieve fluency.  I taught myself Spanish to fluency years ago and run a blog on that as well, How to Learn Spanish, and even wrote a book about how I did it, The Telenovela Method, so I’m no stranger to learning languages.   This is my profession: I learn languages and write about it (on blogs, in books and newsletters).

So please join me, follow along with me, learn from my failures and successes (you generally learn more from the failures, by the way).  Please subscribe to my newsletter and immediately get my list of what I think are the 10 most useful free online resources for learning German.  And, of course, be sure to check out my blog and read all my articles I’ve written to date that will help you immensely, I’m sure, on your journey to learning German.  Viel Glück! (“Good luck!”)