Deutschlandlabor is a TV series whose title literally means “Germany Laboratory” (Deutschland means “Germany” and “Labor” means “laboratory”).  It’s put out by the Goethe Institute; from Wikipedia:

The Goethe-Institut is a non-profit German cultural association operational worldwide with 159 institutes, promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations.

The Goethe-Institut fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on German culture, society and politics. This includes the exchange of films, music, theatre, and literature. Goethe cultural societies, reading rooms, and exam and language centers have played a role in the cultural and educational policies of Germany for more than 60 years.


This show helps you learn German while simultaneously teaching you about Germany and their culture, so it’s German taught using native speakers who talk about interesting subjects (if you’re interested in learning German you’re probably interested in learning about German culture).  Additionally, verbatim German subtitles are provided for every episode.  Excellent!  That’s perfect for our purposes.

You can watch it in three places, your choice:

  1. The Deutsche-Welle website.  This is what I’d recommend, it seems the best organized of the three and has links to RSS feeds and an iTunes link to the podcast version of the show as well.
  2. YouTube.  It’s on the Goethe-Institut’s channel and is available as a playlist.
  3. The Goethe-Institut’s website.

Check out the latest episode below where they discuss one of my favorite topics: beer!

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