This is a list of resources that I’m using currently to learn German or that I’ve reviewed and can recommend in good conscience.  I’ve broken them down by (broad) category and included a short description where necessary.


Duden – This is the dictionary Germans use.  It’s entirely in German.

Reverso Contexto – This is an excellent reference I use all the time, what it does is return contextual results for any word or phrase you search for in any language you like, along with a translation in any other language you like, e.g. you can search for a word or phrase in German and see results containing that word or phrase being used in real-life contexts like books, news articles, or movies along with a translation of them in English.

Reverso Dictionary – This is their dictionary, it’s in English and is what I usually use when I want an English-language German dictionary.

Linguee – Another English-language German dictionary that also returns contextual examples with an English translation, so what you get when you look up a word is the formal dictionary definiton (in English) along with contextual examples of it being used and an English translation of those examples.

Lessons & Courses

Deutsch für Euch – YouTube channel mostly for beginners and little bit for intermediates.  The girl who runs it is German and explains everything in (fluent) English.  Highly recommended.

GermanPod101 – Best German podcasts available in my opinion.  Most of the podcasts themselves are free but all the extra stuff (transcripts, grammar lessons, exercises, etc.) cost money (few dollars a month as a subscription).


Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning German Fast – Good but long page covering everything from how long it might take you to learn German to useful phrases and basic vocabulary for travelers.  It’s very comprehensive and general, this is a page to bookmark and refer to.

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